Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in Cakephp3

If you are building CakePHP application and want to move all traffic to HTTPS you can follow bellow simple steps without making any change in .htaccess  file Step 1. Edit AppController to make change

Step 2. Load security component

Step 3. Create function which redirects all non https request to https

Hope […]

Automatic redirect non HTTP to HTTPS connection in node.js/express

If you want to redirect your website to HTTPS connection implement bellow code

Hope this small tip help you 🙂

Upgrade Nodejs server to latest stable release

To upgrade to latest release of NodeJs server run below commands on terminal.

after this type 

to check version of your server. That’s it 🙂


Simple step to resolve DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN in Linux Step 1. Open terminal and add below command

Step 2. Now add below line in file 

save file and restart network.

Refresh your page and done 🙂 .

PHP function to generate Slug

Here is simple function to generate slug in php. You can copy paste this function and generate slug by passing string in it.


Download images from website folder using wget

A simple tip to download multiple image from website folder to your system using wget command.

This command download all images. 🙂

Increase Android Studio Speed

Some time while we creating project in android studio the main issue we faced is speed and performance. So here is solution which i use to solve this issue. For Ubuntu Users Go to location where you install your android studio eg. /home/jgd/Drive/work/software/android-studio/bin Now open terminal on same location by right click and in terminal write […]

Send email in cakephp 3

If you are working with cakephp 3 and need to send email then this tip help you to send email. Step 1. Go to your app.php and find EmailTransport and add your SMTP details

Step 2. Now we can include cakephp default mailer class to send email

And after this we can create email object […]