Auto generate comment in Android Studio

Hi this is simple help if you want to write comment for your function you don’t need to do every thing by own Android studio help you and auto generate  some comment for your method/function to do this try this. Step 1. Create method declare every thing you want. Step 2. Now type /**  and hit enter after […]

Working with date in PHP

Here is a simple tip if you are working with Date and time in php. PHP provide some method which are really very helpful to help you. We commonly have two different method which very powerful to calculate difference between date. Method 1. The easiest and most common method is

 Method 2. Second method is […]

Check Internet status in your android application

Here is a simple java class used to Check Internet status in your android application . This class help you check your internet status.



Google map integration and permission update

Resolve issue Failed to load map. Error contacting Google servers. This is probably an authentication issue. It have problem with your API_KEY which is obtained from Google API Access ,so verify your API_KEY , certificate fingerprints and package name. If your API_KEY and certificate fingerprints and package name is correct and still get this issue Failed […]

Multiselect spinner item in Android

In this tip i show you how we can select multiple item inside a spinner using checkbox in android. With the help of MultiSelectionSpinner class. Multiselect spinner Step 1. First add this class in your project which help you to achieve multiselect feature in your spinner.

Step 2. Now add view in your activity file where you want. […]

Get contact image using phone number in android

In this tip learn how to get image from android contact list in your app.

thank you 🙂

Generate Hash Key For Facebook using code

Simple code to generate Facebook Hash Key for you android Application. Code to Generate Hash Key For Facebook using code –