Generate Hash Key For Facebook using code

Simple code to generate Facebook Hash Key for you android Application.

Code to Generate Hash Key For Facebook using code –


Upload image using ajax jquery

In this tip i will help you  to upload image using  jQuery without using any other jQuery plugin. You can also check some other jQuery Tutorial’s.


First create new html file in your favorite  text editor and copy below code. Before start writing code add jQuery plugin or jQuery CDN. Created simple html form for uploading image. I use jQuery Ajax Method to upload my image as shown below.

When image is uploaded to server it return output in json format.


Get Selected RadioButton from RadioGroup in Android

In android we always use RadioGroup for RadioButton and get value of the  selected radio button. check below code to know how we do this

You can use above code inside your onCreate method or any other method. In this first i find RadioGroup Id and after when user click on button we find Selected Radio button from group and save its id in a variable and find the selected radio button value.