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Extract thumbnails from Youtube Videos

Download your video thumbnails using Trinitytuts Youtube thumbnail extractor application simple and easy to use.

Extract Youtube video thumbnail and download

How we can extract thumbnail from Youtube video?

Here is complete steps to extract thumbnails from video.

  1. Go to
  2. Then click on the Share button next to the dislike button.
  3. Copy link you get in popup.
  4. Now Enter YouTube URL in provided field.
  5. Click on Get Thumbnails button to get Preview & Download Youtube thumbnail images.
  6. You can download single image or all images in zip file and post in your blog.

Get YouTube Video Thumbnail Image
Free Youtube Video thumbnail downloader

Free YouTube
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Preview Thumbnails

When you click on the Get Thumbnails button after pasting your Url in the input field a preview of all thumbnail images is provided. You can preview the thumbnail image size and click on Download button to download single image or you can also download all images in zip file.

Download Perfect Size Thumbnail

When you enter your Youtube video Url to extract youtube video thumbnail you will get a thumbnail of different size between (480x360, 120x90, 320x180, 1280x720). You can download the image as per your need.

Free And Unlimited

Youtube Thumbnail Downloader is free service you can download Unlimited numbers of Video thumbnail. You just need to enter your youtube video link to download thumbnail. It is a completely browser-based online application and can accessed from any device or platform.