In this post I will guide you on how we can update our server timezone in 3 simple steps. There are several different ways to manage time in the Linux server, I will use the most simple method.


Before we start changing timezone on the Linux server I hope you have a good understanding of the Linux server. You need server access via terminal or Putty to do that.

Steps to change Linux timezone

Step 1. Login to your server via terminal or Putty

Step 2. Run date command to check the current timezone of your server.


Check default timezone of linux server

Step 3. Run bellow command to select the required timezone.

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Once you hit the enter button you will prompt to select the timezone you want to set for your Linux server as shown in the below image.

First, select Geographic area

Select geographical area to change timezone

Then select the required region.

Select region to change timezone in linux server

That’s it. I hope this post helpful to understand how to change timezone on your Linux server.