In my last tutorial i will explain you that how we can add watermark on image but there something more which i discuss on this tutorial. In this tut i will explain you that how we can dynamically add watermark on image when we upload it in our server. This small tut help those who add watermark using some application before they upload image to server but it take much time  and no buddy want to waste there time.

So this small piece of code help you to add watermark on the fly. So your original image not damaged. Here i create two option for watermark one for Text watermark and other is Image Watermark.


HTML Form for image uploading:

This is normal form which we create to upload image or files.

Watermark Function:

I use same function which i create early and also explain in my last tutorial please check here to learn about these function.

Add watermark
I am using simple validation method here you add your own validation method and call these function and pass your image location to watermark making function and also your watermark text or image over watermark.

Happy Coding.

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