Web services ( application services ) is one of the most important part of today development where we ceneteralized or data and allow user to access that data from different sources like web, software, app etc.. Web service provide Interoperability between two different language.  Web service are easy to understand or to made we can easily create a web service of our website. There are no of method through which you can create you web service

  1. SOAP { Simple Object Access Protocol }.
  2. REST { Representational State Transfer }

Update: RestFul Web Services with PHP Mysqli


We are going to create a web service using REST method but i also give you small overview of SOAP method first.

What is SOAP?.

SOAP is Simple Object Access Protocol based on XML so it easy to read. It is simple XML based protocol to exchange data between two different language.

What is REST?.

REST { Representational State Transfer } is a simple stateless architecture that generally runs over HTTP. REST web service system produce status code response in JSON or XML format.

Note. I update this post and use MySQLi to create REST service please follow this link to create web service using PHP MySQLi.

Create webservice using REST is very easy and take less time to make as compare to other.

REST support all most commonly used HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT and DELETE). We use all these method according to need.

Application using REST

Now i am going to create a small application using REST. In this application we can create a SignUp, Get user Info and Update user status. Before creating this application it is recommended that you have basic understanding of PHP, MYSQL, JSON. I later explain you that how we can use this in android to access data from PHP based webservice.

Step 1. I hope that you already install WAMP or XAMPP in your computer.

Step 2.  Now we need to install chrome  extension for testing or web service so i use Advance REST Client.

REST Client is very useful to test or webservice. You simply follow the link i mention above and install extension in your Chrome browser.

Advance REST client installation

Step 3. Now we are going to create our database http://localhost/phpmyadmin .

Copy paste this sql query to your phpmyadmin-> sql.

Step 4. Now we need to create a data handler file in php and  url where we can handle request information.

Code : confi.php

first we need to connection to our database. Now we can create a file to save requested data to data base


Requested URL : http://localhost/aneh/rest/signup.php

In signup page i did not add any validation you can add your validation here if you like the main and important thing in this page is

header(‘Content-type: application/json’);

we tell php that this page is return as json, and we also use json_encode() to return our data in json format.

Now after this we need Advance Rest Client to send data to our page. Go to your chrome app store where you add your extensions

Launch Advance REST Client

click on Advance Rest client. Now add your request

url: http://localhost/aneh/rest/signup.php, Select the Request method, Click on  Add new vaule define your value and data in it and click on send.

Add data in forms

after doing all this you need send data to server and this output like this

Send data to server
That all if you get done message!.

Now we get user info using GET method. I create a new php file to get user info once you have command on this you easily work on single page.


Requester URL: url: http://localhost/aneh/rest/info.php?uid=Request_ID

Load data from service using get method

In this we pass user id in url. Add this url in Advance REST Client and click on send and get output like this:

Now we can update user info using PUT method. To read about Put method follow this link.


Request URL: http://localhost/aneh/rest/status.php

Update user status

In above i am using PUT method in PUT we access data like this: $_SERVER[‘HTTP_DATAVARIABLE’].

Sending PUT Request from Advance Rest Client.

Put request

In this, we add url where we want to make the request and then select Request method PUT and then add the header as shown in above image.

Out Put of above is

This is very simple and easy example webservice example.

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Happy Coding.

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