Cakephp is an open source web application framework. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach and is written in PHP, modeled after the concepts of Ruby on Rails (Wiki). In this post i explain you how to install/setup cakephp in your local and remote server.

Simple steps to install cakephp

Note: You need to enable rewrite module.

Step 1 : Go to CakePHP Official Website and Download updated Cakephp framework file and unzip the file.

Step 2 : Copy the downloaded folder in wamp folder : C⇒www⇒wamp⇒(cakefolder) / C⇒xamp⇒htdocs⇒(cakefolder) / Upload file to server .

Step 3 : Before start configuring cakephp you must create database first. After creating database go to (cakefolder)->app->Config->database.php.defult and rename it as database.php. Now you need to make required changes in it.After the changes, the configuration setting look like


Step 4 :  Open (cakefoler)->app->Config->core.php and change the values of the Security.salt and Security.cipherSeed.
Default they were like,
Configure::write('Security.salt', 'DYhG93b0qyJfIxfs2guVoUubWwvniR2G0FgaC9mi');
Configure::write('Security.cipherSeed', '76859309657453542496749683645');



You can change the code as per your preference. In this case am changing the code as bellow & save.
Configure::write('Security.salt', 'gk5454545fsdfUEsdfsbDsdh');
Configure::write('Security.cipherSeed', '54548785454521');


Step 5 :  Make sure the (cakefolder)->tmp is writable and apache mod_rewrite is enabled.
Step 6 : Open the browser and type : http://localhost/(cakefolder)/ and that’s up.You’re Done..!
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