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Amazon to be a fantastic platform for running application due to the complete control you have on the application stack. Amazon AWS offers a year of free instances to some great feature. In this post i explain how to Create and configure EC2 Instance  to run our php application.
Amazon Web Service

Creating and configuring EC2 Instance

Step 1. Login to AWS console with your amazon account details.

AWS Dashboard

Step 2. Now one you login successfully to your AWS account you find no of option as shown above image now to create instance for your application go to EC2 option.

Please select location of serer where you want to store your application before start creating instance from top right corner on click on Oregon 

AWS oregon

Now after select Oregon click on EC2

Step 3. Now click on Launch instance Button and start creating instance

Now after click on launch button on next screen select Amazon Linux AMI first option as shown bellow i prefer this and mostly use this one for my project. Now Please follow the screen shots and continue

You need to add HTTP and HTTPS so your server handel http request as shown above.

Now on final step you need to create a security key file .pem so you can access server from cmd. Download this file and save it safe somewhere if you lost it you are unable to access you server so keep it safe and secure.

All done now your instance is ready to install php server on it.

Step 4. Configure FTP for AWS

Now to continue you need to download PuTTYgen and PuTTY if you are on windows. Download both of them from Here

Now first open PuTTYgen  load your .pem file and save the file as public key, on click on save your .ppk file is generate and you use that file to login to your server or connect with ftp.

After this open Putty and and add .ppk  to connect to server. as shown bellow image you need to browse your .ppk to that location where you save and after that click on Session and enter your details like Public IP address which is assign to your instance and port now and login.

Now click on open button and a black screen appear where you need to enter your user name and hit enter. After that you logged in to your server and now yu can install php. Please follow the link of official site to continue to your installation.

Link To Continue: Installing a LAMP Web Server on Amazon Linux

Hope this will help to run your php application on AWS cloud 🙂

Happy coding.