Google allow android developer to implement google ads into their application using AdMob. AdMob is a platform to display google ads on mobile application. In this post i explain you how to Implement AdMob in your Android application and generate revenue from your application and motorize your  earning from application.
AdMob for Mobile application

 Download For Android Studio


Sign up as an Admob Publisher here. Log in to your dashboard that shows your revenues and estimated earnings.


Implementing AdMob in android Application Code

Step 1. Create new android project in Android Studio or Eclipse.

Step 2. Install Google Play service and Google Repository before you start implementing admob in your project.

Implement AdMob in your Android application

Step 3. Add Google Play services in your project. If you are using Android Studio you need to add dependencies in your build.gradle as shown bellow

Follow this link to find latest version of Play service :

Step 4. Now open your activity file and implement AdView  in activity to display ads.

 Step 5. Now open your strings.xml inside values folder and add your unit id here

Step 6. Now open your and implement AdMob code

Step 7. Now you need to register your adActivity in your AndroidManifest.xml file to make your add work in application and also need to give Internet permission to load ad from internet.