In this post i am going to explain how to setup PayUmoney payment gateway in your web application. Integration of PayU gateway is little confusing for first time and also some of my reader request me for this tutorial. Most of thing are  already in PayU documentation i am just going to explain it in step so you will easily integrate without reading whole document.

PayUMoney payment gateway integration in php

Live Demo

Steps for integration PayUMoney gateway.

Step 1. Go to and sign up as a merchant account.

Step 2. At time of sign up use your valid email.

Step 3. Fill all required business details. Use this details for PAN no. ABCDE1234F and DOB – 01/04/1990 .

Step 4. Add your bank detail, note you can add whatever bank name and details use this IFSC – ALLA0212632 in place of IFSC.

Step 5. Don’t worry about bank details verification this is your test account.

Step 6. Once your required steps are completed your account is live if not then write mail to support team : [email protected]

PayUMoney payment gateway integration php

Step 7. Now once above steps are complete you can get your key go to Manage Account ⇒ My Account ⇒ Merchant -Key Salt copy your key and paste in your code.

PayUMoney payment gateway integration php

Once you follow above step your setup for PayUMoney is complete.

Sample Code




Above code is also available in sdk you download from PayUMoney you need to replace key with your key. To test this code you can fill form and after that when you redirects to PayUMoney Payment gateway select debit card and enter bellow details in it:

Test Card Number: 5123456789012346
Test CVV: 123
Test Expiry: May 2017

Hope this help you.