In this tutorial I am going to explain to you how to share multiple images on Whatsapp or any other social website from your Android Application. This code is really helpful if you are working on e-commerce website or site related to image sharing.



Create Multiple Image Sharing Application Android

Step 1. Create a new project in Android Studio and open Gradle file and add these dependencies in it. We need to add this library to load images from the server. 

Step 2: Now open the Manifest file and add permission in it.

Step 3: Create toolbar.xml layout file, and also create a style for toolbar and theme for your activity.


style.xml file for application style.

And also call style in your activity in your in the manifest file as shown below.

Step 4: Now add following code to activity_main.xml.

Step 5: Create new layout pager_item_multi.xml and add following code.

Step 7: Now open and add following code in that file. In bellow, code first we inflate images in cardview one by one and when we click on share we share the image but note I do not download any image to share I simply take a screenshot of every card with a specific area and then share the image.

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