Simple chat application using listview in android

  • asadkhan

    Hi, First of All great work. you saved me a lot of time.
    I have a quick question though. How can I specify a predefined message on the chat screen. I mean when I open the chat page, It shows me a message like “hi there”.
    I would appreciate your help.

  • mhd adeeb masoud

    Thanks a lot that really helped me

  • Marwa

    very helpful thanks! but can u provide me with code if I want to connect two users i am a beginer and I am not sure how to do it

  • dom

    Hey!! This code is great thanks so much for sharing it! For some reason my messages get sent without the textview.xml attributes to make the bubble around it. I have exactly what you have in textview.xml stored in my drawable folder, but don’t see it being referenced anywhere the the left and right messages… am I missing something?

    Also could you provide insight on how to have all messages send on the right side? Anything helps! Thanks in advance!!!! 😀

  • naveen besamalla

    thank u soo much.Most helpful code ever.Made me easy to understand and gave me solution easily.
    Great work.

  • Kevin Moses Kenap

    Do you have tutorial part 2 chat application?

  • Kevin Moses Kenap

    Bro, Can you make tutorial how to get recieve message from destination user chat?

  • Hi Brandon, I only came across this thread now. But if it’s any help just duplicate this code:

    chatArrayAdapter.add(new ChatMessage(side, sMessage));
    side = !side;

    If you wish to specify which side to display the message on then change “!side” to “true” for left and “false” for right.

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