In this post i explain how to enable mod_rewrite in amazon ec2 Linux instance and also show you how to enable gd extension and some use full command which you regular use while working with ec2.

Enable mod_rewrite on ec2 linux

Step 1. Login to server using putty

Step 2. Now switch to super user by typing this command

Step 3. After switching change directory to /etc/httpd/conf

Step 4. Now open this file to edit using command

Step 5. Find <Directory “/var/www/html”> it is on line no 132 in my case and look like as shown bellow, now you need to AllowOverride All from AllowOverride None .

One you edit this save the file using ctrl+o and hit enter and to exit press ctrl + x

Step 6. Now last step is to restart your server type this command

Done! now  you can rewrite your url.

Install GD Library in EC2 Linux

Enable GD in Linux ec2

Before start please check php info if GD is enable or not, if not then we do :-p.

Step 1. Login to ec2 instance using putty.

Step 2. Type bellow given command

Step 3. Restart server

Done! Now check your phpinfo.

Useful commands you use in putty for ec2

Login as Super User :   sudo su
Open, Save File: nano <file_name>,  ctrl+o, ctrl+x
Install package using yum:  sudo yum install <Package_name>
Remove yum package:  sudo yum remove <Package_name>
Restart Server: sudo /sbin/service httpd restart   or  service httpd restart
Get file from other server:   wget  <URL>
UNZIP file : unzip <>
Remove file/folder:  rm -rf <file_name>
Rename file/folder: mv <file_name> <new_file_name>
Unistall php, mysql:  sudo yum remove -y httpd24* php56* mysql55-server* php56-mysqlnd*

All done 😉 hope this help you.

happy coding.