Get contact list and show in custom listview android

  • yogi puranik

    Hey @aneh thakur i want to display number in listview..And it is working perfect. But i want to put condition when it read contact from device. The Condition are
    1) if number digit <10 { –don't add into list-}
    2)else if(number is starting from 0 then repalce with 91){–Add to list}
    3)else if{number is start from + then remove it }{–add to list}
    4)else{other are directly add to list}

    plz help me to solve this issue..

    • Hi yogi puranik, You can perform all this condition before setting data to your setter or before adapter.

  • Mahmudur Rahman

    Its a very nice code. I look for this last 3 days. Thank you so much.

  • Marlon Antonio Medina Taguican

    I already like your page, so where can I download the source code?

  • Aakash Shah

    how to remove duplicat name and number ?

  • Amar

    after running app successfully it just shows the search box in my fragment and nothing else happening so what could be the problem?

  • Sergio Antonio Sánchez Camarer

    Please can you put the code of RoundImage?

  • Sergio Antonio Sánchez Camarer

    Are there any case to no duplicate de contact?¿


  • saqib javeed

    Thank u so much for this 🙂 but if possible than please upload some snap shots after running the project.. Because with the images work are more clear 🙂

  • Ashok

    Hai Aneh,

    Actually Iam using your code,one small error displayed in my Logcat please once check and resolve my problem ANeh,

  • bhumi Rajput

    hello sir,
    using this tutorial i got only contact number and its name bt contact profile i was didnt find contact proile.give me solution plz fast.
    thanx in advance

  • ravi kumar patel

    thank you so much…nice tutorial

  • Saurabh Sharma

    How I can intent the Name and phone number from the list to another activity

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