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PHP is most used web programming now a days. Most of web application back end is written in php. IIS (Internet Information Services) is a web server created  by microsoft to create web application. IIS is also very powerful server to run web application. In this post i explain you how to configure PHP on IIS.

Configuring IIS on PHP

Step 1. First enable IIS on your machine go to Programs and Feature ⇒ Turn Windows feature on or off as shown in below image and check all the check box inside IIS [ Internet Information Service ].

Turn IIS on in window

Step 2. After window enable all IIS feature search IIS on start menu and open it and start your server

Turn on IIS

Step 3. Now install Microsoft Web Platform Installer to install php on IIS. You simply download it Microsoft Web Platform Installer from microsoft official website or click here.

Step 4. After installation of Microsoft Web Platform Installer is finish. Open  in and search for PHP, Add php to install  as shown in image below

Install PHP on IIS

Step 5. After successful installation restart your IIS and check for PHP Manager as shown below.
PHP Manager

Now double click on it and configure your php and after that you are ready to execute your php code on IIS Server.

In above click on view recommendation link and check all the requested issue show in popup.

After checking all recommendation you also enable PHP extension from extension section like CURL, PDO, ODBC etc.

Step 6. Now create PHP file to final check that PHP is running on your IIS. Name the file whatever you want and paste this code.

  echo phpinfo();

and save this file inside this location or location where you install IIS : c:\inetpub\wwwroot\test.php. Now open the link in your browser (http://localhost/test.php) and check you get phpinfo page or not, if not then recheck configuration.


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