In this post i will explain you how to create navigation drawer with custom tab view. I already create other post and create different type of navigation drawer.

In this drawer i am using custom tabs with custom toolbar and also show  navigation drawer over the tabs.


Step 1: Create new project in Android Studio / Eclipse.

Step 2: Add appcompat-v7 library in your appplication and we also need  these java class SlidingTabStrip & SlidingTabLayou to create custom tabs.

Step 3: Add style in your theme open style.xml file inside res ⇒ values ⇒ styles.xml and add style and material design arrow for navigation.

Step 4: Create custom toolbar in your layout folder tool_bar.xml .

Step 5: Now open your activity_main.xml and add the bellow given code in this I just add tool_bar, DrawerLayout, SlidingTabLayout, ViewPager in this.

Step 6: Create new xml layout file inside layout  drawer_list_item.xml. In this i create my navigation menu design. In this i simply add one TextView in it you design you menu what ever you like.

Step 7: Now create xml for fragments in viewpager

Step 8: Now in your extends ActionbarActivity and declare the number of tabs and there names in array string.

Step 9: Create class in which we extends FragmentStatePagerAdapter and then create constructor fragment manager.

Step 10: Add two java classes for Tab1 and Tab2 .

All done!. After completing all these step your Navigation Drawer over CustomTabs is ready. Download the complete code from above Download link.

Happy coding……..:-)