In my last post i explain how to pass multiple views in RecyclerView. Now in this post i am going to explain how to load data on Scrollbar load in recyclerview. RecyclerView is used in place of Listview in most of application because we can easily convert it into grid view and list with one or two lines. Now we see most of app load data when there scrollbar reaches to end eg. facebook, e-commerce application etc. With help of this tutorial you can learn how easily you can implement this feature on your application.

Scrollbar load in RecyclerView

Step 1. Create new android project in android studio.

Step 2. Create a view which we pass in our RecyclerView Adapter.

Step 3. Now in your activity_main.xml file add RecyclerView and progressbar which we show when user scroll come to end.

Note that you need to add RecyclerView dependency in your build.gradle file

to use RecyclerView.

Step 4. We need to create Getter Setter to hold data create new class and paste

Step 5. Now we can create Adapter through which we can inflate our view

Step 6. Now open or main activity file where we can request server to load data and also implement scroll load in it. as shown below.

You are familiare with most of code here in above code i can add some internet check load data from server etc., In above code mode important and new thing is


With help addOnScrollListener we can get scroll position like we do in ListView as explain in my post: Android ListView with Scrolload .

You can download complete code from above download link.